Art has always been the driving force behind his actions, but music won his favor. A few years ago, he discovered painting as alternate means of expression allowing him to express emotions differently and appeal to other senses. After working as a sound engineer for a few years (during which he produced only underground recordings), John Beckley decided to reduce his time spent recording to allow more room for painting. Although most of his paintings are abstract, this artist does not have a predominant style, and he mostly just paints what he feels or want to feel. The artist also works on commission and can help you with the purchase of paintings (with pictures of the inside of your location). Painting is for me a means of escape, expression and sharing; I like my paintings to be seen, admired, criticized, and disturbing. For me, art must be moving, effervescent and constantly challenging the pre-established rules. Abstract art is in a somewhat separate class because it has, I think, the privilege of allowing to capture an emotion at some point (like a photograph) and often retains a mysterious side.

John Beckley


Paintings Sold!

Elegant, occasionally also disturbing, John Beckley’s pieces capture your attention, seduce you and find buyers beyond borders. To date, over 2000 of his creations have been sold worldwide.


John Beckley has now been practising his art for 13 years. Matured by experience, his touch is now more certain, as well as more daring. With no signs of weariness, he continues to let his ingenuity flow and to create unique pieces.