Beks Artwalk


The Beks Artwalk Genesis is a collection of 4242 Beks NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection consists of hundreds of exciting visual traits hand-painted by the artist John Beckley.


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Price: 80 $*

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The Collection

Beks Artwalk Genesis

Beks is the alter ego of painter and Youtuber John Beckley, (johnbeckley.com) sent to this new world of the metaverse to share with you his vision of art and his quest to find the answers to the Ultimate Questions of Life, the Universe, and Everything. 

This NFT collection was created by artist John Beckley using his unique creative process to blend hand painting with digital art. By mixing the charm of the imperfections of the human hand with a digital painting tool and AI software, John has brought an inimitable organic feel to this collection.

Brought To the metaverse by

The Artist


I'm John Beckley

John Beckley is a Painter Artist and Youtuber with over 800,000 followers. The Beks Artwalk Genesis collection was born out of his passion for art, technology and space.

John Beckley is probably one of the most creative artists of his generation, with more than 3,400 Artworks to date, he has earned himself a spot among the greatest living artists in the contemporary art world. He has also inspired thousands of artists through his huge audience on his Youtube channel, making him one of the most influential living abstract artists.

Let’s ride my first NFT collection to the moon together!

John Beckley

The Art

The rarities will be unveiled soon

The Creative Process

A unique creative process

We have created something that has never been done in NFT Art! We have given it an organic soul by combining hand painting with digital technology to create an original and “one of a kind” NFT collection! 

Discover this unique creative process in this video

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Art Print

In addition to collecting wonderful NFTs. 

The other utility is making your wall amazing!

It will be possible for you to order prints of your NFT on John Beckley's website exclusively.

Only the owner of the NFT can order a print of his NFT.

Your NFT will never be offered for printing to another person.


** The roadmap depends on the artist’s consideration and can evolve according to him.

 get to know us 

Our Team

Bek's father - Artist

John Beckley

Painter and Youtuber with over 800,000 followers. The Beks Artwalk Genesis collection was born out of his passions for art, technology and space.

Techincal architect - Project Manager- Founder

Sam Hitch

IT architect and project manager in everyday life. He is passionate about blockchain.
He works every day with John to make the adventure of Beks the one that goes to infinity and beyond

Smart Contract Developper


One of the best blockchain engineer and smart contracts developper in the World. It produces smart contracts solid and effective. He makes the collection one of the most secure that exists

Marketing Specialist & Community Manager


Occasionally journalist, rarely photograph & daily communication manager in action sport since 20years, 10 in Motorsport

Developper React specialized backend & blockchain

Mr. R

Rudy is our developer who deals with the interraction between our applications and the blockchain.
He’s the one hiding behind the "Mint" button

Developper React fullstack

Mr. K

Creator of the frontend part and works with Rudy on the backend.
He is notably the biggest contributor to the development of our whitelist application.

Discord Specialist


Discord Specialist / Community Manager +2,400,000 Users Network users on Discord

Marketing Specialist & Community Manager


Slasher Between Fashion & Web3 | Co-Founder @ProzeStudios | Web3 & NFT Marketing Specialist



When you are selected for a whitelist spot, you will receive a unique link.

This link allows you to register on our whitelist application using your Metamask wallet.

Once registered, your Metamask address is whitelisted, giving you access to the privilege of participating in the private presale at an exclusive price.

The number of minable NFTs during the pre-sale will be limited.


Mint prices will be revealed soon


We want to give every member of our awesome community the opportunity to get an NFT from our collection. That's why the number of pre-sale NFTs is limited and the public sale will be open to everyone.

If you didn't get a spot in the pre-sale, you can participate in the public sale.


Date of mint is TBA but will be late June to early Jully. We will announce more about this soon.

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Throughout his journey as an artist, John Beckley has built an international and very engaged community around his work on social medias.