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I invite you to check a selection of my works published in art print and posters by digital printing. All editions are signed and numbered. Below is more information about each type of printing and creative technique.

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The original art prints and numbered poster prints fall into the category of edition works. They may or may not be signed by the artist. The exclusivity of the work is related to the number and the presence or not of the artist’s signature.

To be called editions these works must be created, partially or completely, by a mechanical process.

Publishing processes are multiple: Screen prints, digital prints, lithographs are examples of these processes.

The edition of works in limited edition offers art lovers the opportunity to own a work of modern and contemporary art at a lower cost while guaranteeing the rarity, quality and value of the work.

Types of impressions:

Art prints

Original prints limited to 30 maximum copies on paper HAHNEMÜHLE “Photo Rag” 100% cotton, neutral pH, 308 g/m², labeled “Digigraphie”. All art prints are registered in the website

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Printed works on coated paper in an edition of 200 copies maximum.

All posters are signed and numbered.

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The different Techniques

You have the ability to sort the works by the technique used during their creation.

Here is a brief description of the various techniques of creation.

Digital art

Digital works are works made on computer. This can be photographic montages or illustrations.


Works painted by hand only. It’s a reproduction of original works printed on paper.

Mixed technique

Mixed technique works are works produced by a combination of techniques such as painting, collage. The works in this category are reproductions of my original works printed on paper.


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