L’origine Du Monde is a famous painting otherwise known as the origin of the world. This painting which was created in the year 1866 displays the portrait of just the abdomen area of a naked woman lying down on the bed with her legs spread. The framing of this body without ahead and the arms and lower legs outside of the area makes this work of art considered to be an eroticism.

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I have already been in love with photography and everything related to it for a long time now. This includes Photoshop that I’ve been using since I was 16 years old. Suffice it to say that I know the topic well. I’ve decided from now on to offer my digital works both for view and […]

Faced with deforestation to make way for palm forests and garner a few extra cents on industrial products, our closest cousin could eventually claim what belongs to it. What would happen if it decided to use the same methods as us?

I made this work in my studio because the white walls were very sad, incidentally it will be a reminder of the products I buy and their impact on the planet.

This should lead to other printed works that I am working on at the moment.


I created this video to test my  Panasonic Lumix g7 micro 4/3 with the objective Canon FD50mm f 1. 4
The goal is to improve myself to offer you soon new higher quality videos.
Incidentally this can help people who want to get the same hardware.

For nearly 10 years it all started and today I am pleased to announce to have sold my 2000th painting!

It’s all thanks to you then I tell you 2000 times thank you!