Urban Mona


This “Urban Mona” pop art painting is an original hand-painted work by John Beckley.

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The Captivating Essence of Mona Lisa’s Portrait

“Urban Mona” is a bold contemporary interpretation of the legendary Mona Lisa. Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of street art, this Pop Art style reinvents the iconic portrait with a modern, urban twist. More than just a painting, it’s a window into contemporary art, blending history and modernity in a dazzling artistic expression.

At the heart of “Urban Mona” lies the enchanting portrayal of Mona Lisa, an image that has crossed centuries and captivated the global imagination. This historical symbol is imbued with new, contemporary energy. Mona Lisa’s penetrating gaze, combined with a vivid and daring color palette, creates a visual alchemy that draws and holds the viewer’s attention. Rich in history and mystery, this portrait is transformed into a dynamic, living piece of art, bridging past and present, offering a fresh perspective on this iconic art figure.

Subtle Blend of Artistic Techniques

Discover “Urban Mona”, a unique masterpiece hand-painted by me, John Beckley. This fascinating work skillfully merges acrylic paint with spray paint, creating a vibrant and captivating composition. The use of these mediums adds an exceptional tactile and visual dimension, making “Urban Mona” a centerpiece in any modern art collection.

Ready to Enhance Your Space

Measuring 70 X 100 cm (28″x39″), “Urban Mona” is ready to beautify your space. Crafted on high-quality canvas stretched over a wooden frame, this varnished work is ready to hang, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting. Whether in an office, living room, or gallery, “Urban Mona” will capture attention and spark conversation.

Hand-Painted Original Artwork (1 Unique Piece):

  • Technique: Acrylic paint on canvas
  • Dimensions: 70 X 100 cm  (28″x39″)
  • Composition: One 70 x 100 cm canvas (28″x39″)
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Support: Canvas mounted on a high-quality frame
  • Finish: Two layers of acrylic varnish for protection and longevity
  • Edges: Painted edges for immediate hanging without framing
  • The artist, listed in the renowned “Larousse Drouot cotation” since 2008, is recognized in the art world.
  • A unique piece you won’t find in any other shop
  • The painting is signed and countersigned on the back of each canvas
  • The artwork comes with an invoice and a certificate of authenticity
Dimensions 70 × 100 cm
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Original work – Hand painted


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