Modern Romance


This “Modern Romance” pop art painting is an original hand-painted work by John Beckley.

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Discover “Modern Romance”: A Celebration of Love in Colors

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of “Modern Romance”, a unique piece of art that embodies the essence of love through the captivating prism of pop art and street art. Hand-painted by myself, this canvas is an invitation to rediscover romantic emotions with a fresh and contemporary perspective.

A Modern Love Portrait

At the heart of “Modern Romance” lies a moving portrait of a couple kissing, captured in a bright Pop Art style, enhanced with street art accents that add unique depth and texture. This piece symbolizes the merging of hearts and souls in a moment of intimacy, while offering a burst of colors that awaken the senses and invite contemplation.

A Unique Sensory Experience

I use acrylic paint and spray paint to infuse “Modern Romance” with captivating energy and vitality. Every brushstroke and detail come together to create a canvas that vibrates with emotions, capturing the intensity and passion of the moment.

Ready to Brighten Your Space

“Modern Romance” is not just an artwork; it’s a centerpiece that will transform any space into a gallery of personal expression. Varnished for maximum durability and mounted on a high-quality wooden frame, this canvas is ready to be hung and admired, promising to enrich your environment with its modern love story.

Let “Modern Romance” become the focal point of your interior, adding a touch of originality and inspiration that speaks to everyone who sees it. It’s more than a painting; it’s an invitation to live and love boldly, forever captured in the vibrant colors of love.

Hand-Painted Original Artwork (1 Unique Piece):

  • Technique: Acrylic paint on canvas
  • Dimensions: 81×100 cm (32″x39″)
  • Composition: one canvas 81×100 cm (32″x39″)
  • Orientation: vertical
  • Support: Canvas mounted on a high-quality frame
  • Finish: Two layers of acrylic varnish for protection and longevity
  • Edges: Painted edges for immediate hanging without framing
  • The artist, listed in the renowned “Larousse Drouot cotation” since 2008, is recognized in the art world.
  • A unique piece you won’t find in any other shop
  • The painting is signed and countersigned on the back of each canvas
  • The artwork comes with an invoice and a certificate of authenticity

Expand Your Collection of Pop Art and Street Art

For art lovers and the curious eager to dive deeper into the fascinating world of pop art and street art, a broader exploration of my works awaits you. Discover a diverse collection where each canvas tells a unique story, marked by vibrant colors, bold patterns, and an expressiveness that defies conventions. Whether you’re drawn to dynamic representations of urban culture or pop art portraits that capture the essence of contemporary times, my gallery offers a captivating journey through works that celebrate life and art in all their forms. Let yourself be seduced by the richness of this collection and enrich your living space with pieces that reflect your passion for modern and vibrant art.

Dimensions 70 × 100 cm
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Original work – Hand painted


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