Facing The Infinite


This Pop Art hand-painted painting is an original work by John Beckley.

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Immersion in Pop Art Space

Dive into the cosmos with this “Facing The Infinite” painting, a visual gem offering a unique and vibrant glimpse into space. This Astronaut Pop Art portrait, painted with evident passion, is a bold fusion of modern pop art and the fascination for space.

Art and space have always been interconnected, both representing fertile grounds for exploration and the expression of the unknown. This Astronaut painting merges these two worlds in a creatively bold way, providing an audacious artistic interpretation of the iconic astronaut figure. The painting captures the mystical aura and mankind’s fascination for these brave space explorers.

The vibrant colors evoke the inexhaustible energy of the universe. Each brushstroke conveys a sense of spatial vastness, the awe of the unknown, and the human desire to explore beyond our world. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a space lover, or an admirer of human audacity, this Astronaut painting will certainly resonate with you.

Artistic Techniques

A variety of artistic methods have been implemented to bring this work to life, including the use of acrylic paint and stencil application. These techniques lend the painting a unique dimension and texture that will inevitably capture your guests’ attention. By hanging this artwork in your home, you’ll own a piece of art brimming with emotion and personality.

Original hand-painted artwork (1 copy):

  • Medium: acrylic on canvas
  • Dimension: 80x80cm (28″x39″)
  • Composition: one canvas 80×80 cm (28″x39″)
  • Format: square
  • Support: canvas mounted on a high-quality frame
  • Finish: two layers of acrylic varnish to protect and ensure the longevity of the piece
  • Edges: the edges are painted allowing the work to be hung without being framed
  • The artist is quoted (DROUOT COTATION) and has appeared in the Larousse Dictionary of Contemporary Quoted Artists since 2008
  • It’s a unique painting you won’t find anywhere else
  • The piece is both signed and countersigned
  • It comes with an invoice and a certificate of authenticity

Learn more about the painting’s creation in this video:

Expand Your Pop and Street Art Collection

Whether you’re already a fan of pop art, street art, or if this astronaut painting is your first foray into this artistic style, you won’t be disappointed. Each painting is designed to make an impact, capture the imagination, and bring pop art into your living space. Add more energy to your collection with our other pop art pieces to create a truly inspiring home art gallery.

Dimensions 80 × 80 cm
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White, Black, Multicolor



Number of canvas



Original work – Hand painted


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